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All of our Bainultra baths have therapeutic qualities. We put a great deal of thought into each aspect—from shape and ergonomics to comfort and technology—to ensure that users enjoy the best relaxation, health, and well-being experience possible. Our Bainultra products deliver therapeutic benefits to invigorate your body and mind!


In keeping with our ART OF LIVING orientation, Bainultra® offers six therapies designed with your relaxation, health, and well-being in mind. These soothing and stimulating therapies will help you recharge your batteries and restore your energy levels so you can focus on what matters most to you—your family, friends, work, hobbies, and most of all, yourself.




Hydro-Thermo Massage 




Light Therapy 

Sound Therapy 


The adventure began back in 1977, with a simple idea. To transform the bathing experience from one of necessity to one of bliss focused on relaxation, health and overall wellness. By inventing the air jet bath, BainUltra brought an entirely new dimension to hydrotherapy and set a new standard in bathing which still stands today.

Since relaxation, health and wellness are at the core of human health in all its dimensions, our passion for finding innovative solutions has allowed BainUltra to experience many revolutionary and exclusive concepts to help transform your bathroom into your private oasis.

If designing and manufacturing avant-garde, state-of-the-art products is BainUltra’s daily fare, our core mission is to promote the cause of what a relaxation, health and wellness experience is all about.



A leader in the design and manufacture of exceptional residential faucets for 35 years, BARIL is a family-owned North American company led by Marie-Eve Baril, a visionary second-generation entrepreneur.

BARIL offers high-end products that combine performance and elegance. Our products, imagined by our Montreal-based designers, are designed for everyday life and created to last forever. Investing in a BARIL faucet means offering yourself beauty and peace of mind. Flawless design, impeccable finishes and superior functionality; our faucets are as pleasant to look at as they are to use.